We all know that with an acoustic guitar the wood and the body of the guitar are crucial for the sound, but is that also the case for an electric guitar? In the video you hear how a music box, which makes vibrations like a guitar string, gets louder when connected to a...

An important thing to realize is that your guitar tone is determined by all the different components that make up your guitar setup. One of the components that

Defining the height of your new Heartbreakers is something of personal taste, but there are some guidelines that will help you find your sweet spot. In general the closer a pickup is to a string, the louder the string will sound but there will also be more magnetic pul...

In order to wind a guitar pickup, a machine needs to spin the bobbin while copper wire is being wound onto it. The difference between a hand- and machine wound pickup is in the way the copper wire is being supplied to the machine and onto the bobbin. A person can hold...

We can modify the electronics in your guitar so you have unique functionalities and more sounds to play with. Below we have a list of mods that we often do to guitars. We’ll upload videos in the future to show you how cool these mods are.


Pickup blend™: Cha...

All Heartbreaker pickups are high bandwidth pickups. This means that they have an increased high frequency response and are very ‘open’ sounding. If you have always played with muffled sounding pickups, you may be surprised how brilliant your guitar can sound when you...

The staggering of a pickup refers to the distance between each pole piece (magnet) and its guitar string. The closer a pole piece is to a guitar string, the louder the string will be amplified. A magnet will also exert more magnetic pull the closer it gets to the strin...

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