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Heartbreaker guitar pickups Geert Kuyken

I remember the time when I first started playing the guitar. As a youngster going through hours of practice each day in the hope of becoming as good as those rock legends I admired. It’s been 44 years since that wonderful time, and a lot has happened in my live. Besides (somewhat obsessively) playing the guitar, I studied electronics and made my living as an engineer. Back in those days powertubes (like the ones in your tube-amp) were pretty common. My father, who was a radio engineer, taught me a lot about them and got me hooked. Besides my regular electronics job and gigging with the band, I started repairing and modifying guitar amps. I love tweaking circuits in order to learn what it takes to create the perfect tone. 

Our friends at Gosia Guitars were in need of specific pickups for their marvellous guitars. Wanting to help them out, I started researching the ins and outs of guitar pickups and soon made my first set. Being the perfectionist that I am, these pickups not only needed to sound amazing but they also needed to be reliable, measurable and made with consistent quality. Shortly after people tried them out, they wanted a set of their own. So Heartbreaker pickups was founded with the help of my dear son Sander, good friend Kenny and Gosia Guitars to craft the pickups that bring your guitar to life.

This company is young and growing fast. We have plenty of plans for the future and are excited to show you what’s possible. So stay in touch and join us on this interesting journey!

I wish you the best and hope to meet you soon!

Geert Kuyken

Engineer in mind, musician at heart.

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