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High bandwidth pickups to tune your guitar to your liking!

Guitar pickup measurement

All Heartbreaker pickups are high bandwidth pickups. This means that they have an increased high frequency response and are very ‘open’ sounding. If you have always played with muffled sounding pickups, you may be surprised how brilliant your guitar can sound when you swap them for Heartbreakers. In that case you’ll probably want to turn down the treble on your guitar amp to compensate for the increase in treble response.

The reason we chose to make high bandwidth pickups is because they allow you to alter the sound of your guitar by changing the electronics in your guitar. Heartbreakers sound really good on their own, but if you prefer a more ‘warmer’ sound straight out of your guitar then that is completely possible by altering the electronics. You can always make ‘open’ sounding pickups ‘warmer’, but you can never (without any active circuitry) make ‘dark’ sounding pickups more ‘open’. This isn't widespread knowledge, even though these principles have been applied in the past by certain well-known boutique companies to influence the sound of their guitars.

We've made a special device that allows you to try out different sounds with your guitar, even if it doesn't have Heartbreakers installed (although we can’t guarantee good results in that case). We can then tune your guitar to the sound you like the most. The cool thing is that this process can be easily reversed or altered in the future.

Contact us if want your guitar tuned to your liking!

P.S. you’ll hear more off this special device in the future ;)

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