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We offer several services to our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Custom designed pickups

A guitar pickup is something personal that enhances the playing style of the musician and the guitar it’s build in. Our standard products are great, but sometimes you want something different. Being it sound wise or purely aesthetic, we can design and build pickups that perfectly matches with your needs.

Please contact us with what you have in mind, so we can bring your ideas to reality.

Pickup restoration and rewinding

Got a vintage pickup that doesn’t work anymore? Or maybe a pickup that got damaged? We can repair and restore this pickup for you! We are very careful in preserving as much of the originality as possible.

Download our pricing list.


Please contact us with the details, so we can help you bring your pickup back to life.

Guitar electronics modifications

There are many different ways to wire and change the electronics in your guitar. You can give cool functionality’s to the knobs on your guitar and switches can be installed under them, giving you a wider range of guitar sounds. We can also modify the overall sound with the electronics if you have high bandwidth pickups like Heartbreakers installed (which is a big secret, so don’t tell anyone ;) ).


Click here to find out about the cool tricks we can install in your guitar!

Pickup measurement and analysis

All the electronic parameters of every Heartbreaker pickup, including its frequency respons, are measured. We do this during quality control so we can make sure that every heartbreaker pickup is consistent with its predefined specs. We can also analyze other pickups for you both uninstalled and wired in a guitar. This is especially handy if you have a bunch of (old) pickups lying around and want to have a clear indication of how each pickup will sound if used in a guitar. You can also see how your pickups interact with your guitar. You will receive a detailed report in which you can easily compare the different pickups or guitar settings.

Please contact us if you are curious to know how your pickups measure out.

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