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“For several years now, we’ve been looking for the best pickups and parts to use in our guitars. With Heartbreaker pickups, we’re providing our customers with the highest quality available. It is quite obvious that we’re proud to work with these pickups from now on. The way they are balanced, the sound they produce... This is true vintage, pure and unique!”

Gosia Guitars, BE

“When the Heartbreaker team is working on your guitar you get the feeling they're working on your most precious baby. This is vintage heaven on steroids using pure NASA technology. I can't think of a pickup sound these guys can't reproduce, dead on, vintage or modern. My maple Gosia strat sings like a bird now!”

Pallieter Van Buggenhout, BE: Session player, tv work, Paul De Leeuw, Café Flamand, Magical Flying Thunderbirds, etc.  

“Your pickups sound crystal clear, very balanced and dynamic.They can compete with any other vintage pickup I’ve tried until now. A joy to play with!”

Peter Verbraken, BE: Shirley Bassey, Randy Crawford, Michel Legrand, Will Tura, ...

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