P90 pickups with more attitude than our vintage set. These pickups are ideal for those rich overdriven blues sounds, but can be used for many different styles of music


These pickups are calibrated to work together, one being RWRP* for humbucking operation when combined.


The dogear version set comes standard as 2 high pickups. Please contact us if you want P90’s for an ES-330 guitar, as it requires a different type of neck pickup.


Covers are made according to vintage Gibson specifications, so they will fit in any guitar.


Every Heartbreaker pickup comes with a datasheet that shows the measurement data and frequency response of your unique Heartbreaker.


*Reverse wound reverse polarity

Roxi Deville

Cover color
  • Technical specifications

    • Alnico V magnets
    • Wax potted
    • Inductance:
      • Neck: 7.5 henry
      • Bridge: 8.3 henry
    • DC-resistance
      • Neck 8.2 kΩ
      • Bridge 8.8 kΩ

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