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Modeled after the best sounding original ‘60s PAF out of a specialists collection, this pickup set captures that vintage sound that everybody likes. This set is ideal for guitarists that play with clean to moderate gain sounds.


The original PAF pickups were not waxed, making them a little bit more “open” sounding but more susceptible for microphonic feedback when played with high gain sounds. For this reason we recommend waxing all pickups, but you can choose the option you prefer.


Select the 4-core wiring option if you want to coil split or put the humbucker in anti-phase. Guitars equipped with a tremolo system have wider string spacing near the bridge, therefore the bridge pickup needs to have wider pole piece spacing to accommodate for this.


Every Heartbreaker pickup comes with a datasheet that shows the measurement data and frequency response of your unique Heartbreaker.


Check out the video page to hear how these pickups sound in action!

Rosie Wilde

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