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Vintage blackguard sounding Tele pickups that provide you with that classic Tele twang. You can choose between brass or nickel-silver covers for the neck pickup. We recommend nickel-silver covers if you want a good treble response. Brass covers are more vintage correct and provide a warmer sound.


If you want to use the neck pickup with a 4-way switch to put both pickups in series, we need to add an additional ground wire for the neck cover. Vintage telecasters and reissues usually have their neck pickup screwed to the body, while newer and thinline telecasters usually have their neck pickup screwed to the pickguard (the screws are visible and can be adjusted without removing the pickguard).


The bridge pickup comes standard with the Heartbreaker logo engraved, we can however leave the logo out on special request.

Every Heartbreaker pickup comes with a datasheet that shows the measurement data and frequency response of your unique Heartbreaker.

Check out the video page to hear how this pickup sounds!

Bella Noire

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