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Versatile neck pickup that handles graceful chords to singing lead solo’s in combination with a hot overwound bridge pickup for a powerful sound with lots of attitude. This set is ideal for guitarists that play with moderate- to high gain sounds, but works equally well for many different styles.


Select the 4-core wiring option if you want to coil split or put the humbucker in anti-phase. Guitars equipped with a tremolo system have wider string spacing near the bridge, therefore the bridge pickup needs to have wider pole piece spacing to accommodate for this.


Every Heartbreaker pickup comes with a datasheet that shows the measurement data and frequency response of your unique Heartbreaker.


Check out the video page to hear how these pickups sound in action!

Honey Blaze

    • Alnico V magnets
    • Waxed
    • Inductance:
      • Neck: 5.5 henry
      • Bridge: 8 henry
    • DC-resistance
      • Neck: 7.8 kΩ
      • Bridge: 12.3 kΩ

    Video Demo

    Video Demo Artist

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